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Dra. Sara Gómez Gómez, has been an active participant in various Scientific Events, Congresses and Courses at the national and international level.

Her interest is to go with the forefront of new surgical techniques and more treatments, thus offering quality in terms of knowledge and skill in each of the surgeries she performs and various procedures.

Dr. Sara Gómez has always been concerned that her patient care moves in an environment of friendship, trust, and freedom for the patient to express her wishes and expectations regarding her surgery.

Dr. Gómez is

  • Member of the Colombian Association of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of the Central American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of the International College of Bioplasty
  • Member of the International Lipoplasty Union
  • Member of the Societa Italiana di Chirurgia Estetica
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She has also carried out multiple trainings

What our clients say

The last ones, a beautiful experience of the internal and external change that this new stage brings, thanks to my children Johan and Evangeline because they changed my way of seeing life and for being my engines to get ahead, Percibal Madrigal R for being by my side. side and grow with me on this path that is part of my internal change, which helped me to believe again in love and in family, thanks to Dr. Sara Gómez Gómez and her Esbelt Clinic because thanks to her my change external was possible and I was very happy. Thanks to my family Rocío Baltodano Montero and my dad and my sister and friends who, despite everything, have been there at different stages of my life. Hair, nails and makeup, thank you Neny Madrigal because thanks to you you have me beautiful and friend, sister-in-law and almost sister since you were little. Photos thanks to photographer: Percy Duran. In short, I feel very happy in the person that I am and in what I hope to continue maturing, growing and improving.

Madeleine Masis

Blessings I thank God that 3 years ago I had a gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight. Today thanks to the great weight loss I am not hypertensive or diabetic. This year 2014 has been one of changes for me since losing so much weight I became very sagging so I visited the Esbelt Clinic of Dr. Sara Gómez, taking into account her recommendations, I had several surgical interventions to shape my body, it has been wonderful until today.