SmartLipo Benefits

The SmartLipo give to the body the best shape, reduce cellulite and decrease sagging, Focus on reducing problem areas that have not been reduced by diet and exercise…

The principal reason to become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures today is thanks to the thigh precision and be a minimally invasive type, Works by applying a laser directly into the fatty tissue under the skin.

It different to the traditional liposuction, because the SmartLipo liquefies the fat, contrary to the liposuction that through the cannula breaks the fat for aspirate it, which allows to obtain more immediate results for the patient.

The SmartLipo is not a substitute for liposuction, because liposuction is use for localized fat in lesser quantities than that which allows the elimination of the first technique. However, the precision mentioned above makes the SmartLipo can be performed in areas where liposuction cannot, as it can for example focus on the jowl, fat in the area of the armpits, ankles or knees, apart from traditional areas like back, Abs, legs or buttocks. Another great advantage of the SmartLipo is that provides greater firmness in the skin, since it favors the retraction of the same, avoiding the possible flaccidity after the procedure…

The postoperative is also very favorable, because that doesn’t require hospitalization and resort to local anesthesia, which reduces surgical risk. It also causes less pain, inflammation and almost no formation of bruising. At the end of the treatment a compression dressing will be applied in the area worked and the patient can be reinstated within 24 hours to their daily routine, after the application of the treatment…

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Esbelt - SmartLipo Benefits