Shakes that help improve the digestive system

Today, shakes are great allies of many people who based on their health or lack of time they decide to make them part of their daily diet, for example at breakfast, as a healthy snack or even to complement a dinner.

The advantages of these super shakes are that we can choose the ones we like best and suits our needs since there are many combinations, like those to combat cholesterol, loss weight or help to improve the gastrointestinal tract.

The preparation of the shakes is very quick and easy, we can do it at any time, only the ingredients, a blender and ice are needed … Enjoy!

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Some shakes that help improve the digestive system are:

Green juices: Green leafy vegetables juices have a high content of fiber which helps clean the stomach. They are recommended to be drank in the morning to improve the intestinal touch.

Papaya smoothie: It is a very accessible fruit in our country, papaya smoothie can help to reduce the stomach swelling and improve the digestive health.

Citrus juices: The combinations of citrus fruits provide the body with detoxifying effects and reduce the fluid retention.

Celery and pineapple juice: This shake fights constipation, detoxifies the body and stimulates digestion.

If you want to make them part of your diet remember not to go too far, just take a normal quantity and enjoy lots of good health.

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