Botulin toxin

Inyecciones de Siax - Botulin toxin

Our favorite treatment to remove wrinkles without resorting to surgery. It is done especially in the area of ​​the face, although it can also be done for excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

It helps eliminate frown lines on the forehead, and under the eyes (“crow’s feet”), which are the most common areas.

The treatment is a single session lasting about an hour. The time of treatment effect is six months, varying from the person and depth of the lines. The more treatments you get, the greater the duration of effect.

After treatment is recommended that you spend at least 4 hours without bending over or lying down, nothing more.

Requires appointment and assessment in the clinic. In case of contraindications, you will be informed at the same appointment.

Inyecciones de Siax - Botulin toxin

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