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escleroterapia laser - Sclerotherapy Laser

Varicose veins happen when there is dilation and loss of elasticity of the veins especially in the lower extremities. Normally they cannot establish an effective return of blood to the heart and they occur for various reasons, the most common being alterations of the venous valves, which cannot close properly and causing blood to pools in the veins which makes them dilate.

Laser Sclerotherapy is a treatment in which a laser is used to treat and eliminate external veins found in the outermost points of the skin that over the years have become increasingly more evident. They make people feel uncomfortable and lose self-confidence. These varicose veins can be removed without surgery.

Laser Sclerotherapy is quick, minimally invasive and it is a good alternative for eliminating varicose veins of the legs without much risk. This novel procedure is performed with an Endovascular Laser of the latest technology, that allows the procedure to be done with local anesthesia only, without rest periods and a simple and hassle free post-operative period.

This procedure is simple. First we have to select the veins to be treated and locally anesthetize the area, and then the laser will be used to treat each vein individually and remove the vein obstruction from each varicose vein.

The treatment time depends on the amount of varicose veins the patient has, so our recommendation is to request an appointment for an assessment and then select the most appropriate treatment according to each patient.

At Esbelt Clinic we are continuously innovating, so if your need is to remove the “spider” or varicose veins from your legs you can contact us, we will advise you throughout the process.

Escleroterapia Laser - Sclerotherapy Laser

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