Mole Removal

extraccion lunares - Mole Removal

Although the reasons for removing a mole vary, it should not be taken lightly, and it should be done by a specialized doctor that knows how to treat it.

In general, it is recommended to go once a year for a routine check to look at all areas of the body, especially feet, face, neck, back and hands, which are high risk areas.

Some moles can develop into melanoma (skin cancer) and have to be watched closely. You should be aware of when moles are very black or two-tone color, when their size changes suddenly or when there are any signs of trauma: bruised, bleeding, or cut.

The most popular technique is simple excision with a scalpel and local anesthesia for complete removal. The second method is called “shaving” where the surface is cut with a scalpel under local anesthesia, but not removed completely; this method is performed in moles that do not pose a risk.

Finally, some moles can also be burned off with a laser in less than a minute but; this procedure does not allow them to be analyzed in a laboratory. This technique is reserved for non-hazardous moles.

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extraccion lunares - Mole Removal

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