Mini liposuction ultra-cavitation

Mini liposuction ultra cavitation - Mini liposuction ultra-cavitation

Modern method of secure application, outpatient and easy recovery to treat localized fat with an immediate result: just 1 session.

It involves injecting a solution with serum, medicine and local anesthesia in the areas to be treated, then given 30 minutes of ultra-cavitation to undo the adipocytes and then remove the fat.

You can extract up to six liters of fat in one session, depending on the physical constitution of the person.

It has few contraindications, without adverse effects. In any case a previous assessment is always done.

This treatment allows for minimal disturbance in your daily routine. The post-operative recommendations include the use of a girdle for two months, not sunbathing for a month, no pools for at least two weeks and start an exercise routine a month and a half after the intervention. Also, attend lymphatic drainage treatment every other day until day 20 and then every four days until the 30th.

Mini liposuction ultra cavitation - Mini liposuction ultra-cavitation

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