Lip treatment

Tratamiento de labios - Lip treatment

If your lips are dry, cracked and do not look pretty, we have a treatment based on natural ingredients, which will help you to look beautiful.
With this blend of rose oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and collagen, your lips will receive a gentle exfoliation and deep hydration that will give you immediate results.

Vitamin E to restore dry lips

Vitamin E restores moisture to the lips, softening any cracks or marks that you may have, and promoting greater collagen production. In addition, it has the property of helping to heal the wound, without leaving a mark, important in those people whose lips break.

Aloe Vera improves the skin of the lips

Also known as aloe vera, this plant has always been used by all the grandmothers, it helps to improve all the skin in general. It also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help fight any reaction that you may have. It is also regenerating, astringent, moisturizing, renewing and rejuvenating.

Hydrate your lips with collagen

It helps to keep the skin more hydrated, soft and elastic, which will prevent your lips from splitting when you smile, as it increases the capacity of the tissues to retain water.

Deep lip hydration with Rose Oil

Rose essential oils deeply hydrate dry skin, but also help calm the skin, especially redness, which helps after exfoliating the lips to feel more relaxed and beautiful.

As you can see, in just 30 minutes you can have divine lips, without having to worry about dryness, injury or pain when smiling or speaking. We recommend doing this treatment often if you have dryness problems, to gradually improve the condition of the skin of the lips.

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