Led Lipolaser

Throughout the day the human body stores calories in the adipose tissue, which leads to excessive calorie fat forming, resulting in some degree of obesity.

Lipolaser LED is a new system that uses laser technology to help shape the figure and loose centimeters.

Lipolaser treatment is non-invasive, painless, does not require that the client restrict their daily activities, and leaves no redness.

It is mainly used for: helping with cellulite reduction, fat reduction and body contouring, giving you a more defined silhouette.

In addition, this procedure helps with lymphatic drainage, allowing the reduction of toxins and fluids which will help speed up metabolism, improves skin appearance by removing spots and blemishes, repairs its elasticity, and is an adjunct to anti-aging treatments for the face and body.

The important thing is that the reduction of inches is natural, and they will not come back rebound.

The areas where we can perform it are where there is excess fat or sagging like the arms, thighs, abdomen, and hips, among others.

Usually, patients can expect to lose 3-8 centimeters over the course of their treatment, but on the first session they can lose ½ to ¾ inch on their waist, the more sessions you do, the more centimeters lost.

The results are longer lasting when you follow a healthy and balanced diet combined with exercise

The equipment for LED Lipolaser is comprised of 8 plates, through which the cold laser diode is irradiated on the treatment area.

These plates should be placed directly on the skin where the treatment is being performed and they should be firmly fixed using elastic tape.  Other devices to help stimulate the skin are placed, facilitating the elimination of fat.

The session may last from 20 to 40 minutes and in that time the patient is just relaxing until the process is finished. The patient feels no discomfort. This procedure is an innovation for comfort, safety and efficacy, if you are interested we invite you to contact us. Do not miss out on the details! It will be a pleasure to serve you.

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