Laser Tattoo Removal

Until recently a badly made tattoo or that we no longer like was a source of anguish and shame. It was impossible erase your tattoo without painful processes or notorious scars. But thanks to the new laser technologies, now is possible to erase ink from tattoos quickly and without side effects and the best of it: is practically painless.

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Remove your tattoo with laser

The tattoo removal lasers use a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigments deposited in the dermis, which destroys the ink inside the skin, allowing it to be reabsorbed progressively by the lymphatic system.

Dark colored tattoos are better for this procedure, since black and red pigments allow the laser to concentrate better and destroy more ink per session. In the same way, lighter or white inks are not as receptive to the laser, which makes it difficult or even impossible to eliminate them.

This laser is also used in cosmetic medicine, to remove sun spots on the face, neckline, hands or shoulders as it is sensitive to the body’s natural melanin. In addition, it can help to correct the micro pigmentation in eyebrows and eyelids, especially when the patient requires a change or retouching of the same and wishes that the previous application is not noticed.

Factors that affect tattoo removal

There are many factors that affect the success of this procedure, such as the qualities of ink in the original tattoo, the placement, color of the pigment and depth of the tattoo that can make the treatment not be viable. That is why the previous medical evaluation is imperative, as the medical staff will never expose the patient to scars or adverse results.

It is not possible to determine how many sessions of treatments are necessary to eliminate a tattoo, if the previous consultation with the specialist has not been carried out, but normally they range about 3 to 10 sessions. Within these, micropigmentation tattoos usually need fewer sessions because they are darker and more superficial.

The sessions to remove the tattoo are usually done at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks, to allow the skin to recover satisfactorily from the previous session. This also allows us to study the behavior of the patient’s body to laser intervention and the ability to remove the pigment in a safe way.

The results are visible from the first session, but you will need several applications of the laser to get rid of the pigment of your tattoo satisfactorily.

How does it feel?

Most people describe the sensation of the laser on the skin as an insect bite or as a slight burn. To avoid these discomforts, at Clínica Esbelt we use local anesthesia so you do not even have to worry about this.

When the application ends, the patient needs to treat the area as if it were burned, and therefore it will be normal that little scabs form in the region, as well as redness and inflammation of the area. The skin will recover the texture approximately 30 days after the treatment.

We also recommend not exposing the area to the sun, since after the removal, the tattoo is sensitive to sunlight, and may not heal properly.

I want to eliminate my tattoo!

To recap, thanks to laser technology it is possible to remove tattoos effectively and painlessly, as long as it is done by a professional, and taking into account that not all colors and types of inks are suitable for this procedure.

If after reading this you are ready to say goodbye to that tattoo on your chest, leg, arms or hands do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly schedule an evaluation appointment for your case.

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