Facial lifting with smart threads

This is a soft lifting, an innovative non-invasive technique which is natural and effective.

Do you wish for a firm and rejuvenated skin? Don’t you know how to get it yet?

In Esbelt Clinic we offer you a natural and safe option. This technique is performed with polypropylene threads which are able to elevate tissue that has fallen down due to the effect of gravity over the years.

The threads will disappear slowly after a few months, thanks to a minimum degree of its non-invasive nature and a simple technique performed with local anesthetics.

Advantages of a facial lifting

  • It’s not a very painful procedure
  • Zero risk of complications
  • Fast return to your daily tasks
  • No scars
  • Immediately visible

Go for a young look with a quick and natural change.

hilos magicos - Facial lifting with smart threads

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