Face and Body tightening with Fotona laser

The Fotona Laser is one of the new technologies we offer here in Clinical Esbelt, which is very effective, is one of the most innovative and versatile platforms that exist, with which are carried out the most exclusive techniques applied to aesthetics and health, offering our patients the best results with greater safety.

Using this system, we can offer body and facial treatments to achieve amazing results, for example:

  • Body areas: We tensioned the abdomen (removal of stretch marks), arms, breasts, and buttocks. In addition, can be made laser techniques as liposuction, an endovascular procedure, the treatment of rosacea, acne, microvasculature, and onychomycosis and tensioned of tissue.
  • Small body areas: We can treat the skin of the neck, chest, and hands. Sensitive areas that require an ultra-precise laser and noble that does not affect these areas.

To expand the detail of this or any other of our services we invite you to contact us, will be happy to assist you.

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