DIODE Laser Hair Removal

extraccion lunares - DIODE Laser Hair Removal

About DIODE Laser we can explain that:

How does DIODE laser work?

DIODE Laser is a beam of light, which is absorbed selectively by the pigment found in the pilous follicle (melanin) and causes thermic destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth.

Laser hair removal requires several treatments. This is because laser works best when hair is at a certain stage of growth (anagen phase), and not all of hair is at the same stage at the same time.

Is hair removal permanent?

Yes. Hair removal consists on hair being permanently destroyed. In each laser session, only active follicles are permanently destroyed, which is why several laser sessions are needed in order to permanently remove hair from an area.

Who performs this treatment?

A specialized professional with experience, which will set the guidelines for the patient, monitoring every personalized treatment closely, will perform the treatment always.

The international scientific community recognizes diode laser as the best hair removal laser because of different reasons:

  • Permanent results with fewer sessions
  • Lesser risk of secondary effects because of its unique cool-down system
  • Six to eight sessions, one per month.
  • Painless treatment, which causes no burns or irritation.

There are several procedures in the market at an esthetic level, aimed at different needs. Laser hair removal is one of them and is one of the most sought after because of its versatility, and easy execution.

Body hair removal

Having a soft and smooth skin is a very common desire amongst all women and also many men.

The appearance of obnoxious body hair in areas such as the upper lip or the chin, especially in women, cause problems related to self-esteem and their interaction with the world.

In Esbelt Clinic we use a modern laser method so that unwanted body hair will be completely eliminated. It can be used in areas such as the armpits, upper lip, legs, bikini area and more.

Specialists in permanent laser hair removal

The safety and efficacy of this method are proven. Body hair in the growing stage is the main type of hair that will be treated.

Some of the benefits associated with this procedure are:

  1. This technique represents an effective method in which if you’re looking for a great price/benefit/time relationship, you will find it, since the results are excellent.
  2. It is a method that doesn’t require tortures as with traditional methods. The care of the skin is one of the principal missions of our clinic.
  3. Your skin will only benefit from it, since it doesn’t affect softness or texture.

In Esbelt Clinic we are at your disposal for any doubts that you may have during the process: we have a professional team so that you will be completely at rest when having any esthetic procedure performed. With us you can be safe – you are in the best hands.

Depilacion Permanente - DIODE Laser Hair Removal

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