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Breast implants are a procedure used to reshape the chest of the patient in order to increase their size and fullness.

Implants are also used to reconstruct the breasts of women, to correct any genetic abnormality and also helps the ones that have suffered from breast cancer.


Because of this each case is evaluated individually by the professionals. 

What form can the breast implants have?

Breast implants have undergone various changes thanks to medical and technological advances in the development of safer and better-looking materials. At the moment we find 2 forms of implants in the market:

Round implants:

It is the most common way when it comes to breast enlargement, in which you can adjust the projection (distance between the tip of the chest and the chest wall. Therefore, you find in different forms from low projection to high projection, thus varying the volumes and sizes needed to meet the patient’s needs.

Women who want larger, fuller breasts with pronounced cleavage will find these implants ideal.

Anatomical or Drop

These implants come more filled in the lower part than the upper, imitating more naturally the silhouette of a natural breast. For this form an implant of the same volume as a round one will have a greater projection.

Patients who seek to increase their breasts, but retaining a natural appearance, will feel more comfortable with this form.

Through the history of breast implants, different types and solutions have been developed for filling them, but they can be listed in a general manner as follows.

Saline implants:

These implants were the first to be manufactured, and basically they are implants with a silicone wall, filled with saline. Although in the nineties they were the most popular type of implant, due to their low risk in case of leakage, aesthetic results have not always been the most desired.

These implants tend to look and feel unnatural, and generate wrinkles in the skin, as if they marked furrows, which makes many women not comfortable with them.

Gel implants

Also known as silicone implants, they have undergone many changes in their manufacture and composition, for this reason, at this time we are working with Fifth Generation implants in Clínica Esbelt.

These cohesive gel implants are very safe, because in case the content leaks, it stays together and does not go to other regions of the chest. In addition, its appearance is extremely natural, achieving unsurpassed aesthetic results, due to its good consistency, low encapsulation rates and much better medical safety.

The implants are available from 100 to 1000 cubic centimeters (cc). Each cubic centimeter is equivalent to one milliliter. The most popular sizes are between 300 and 400cc, but they depend a lot on the body of the person, in relation to the width of his torso, the height of it and the type of projection and neckline the patient wants to achieve.

There are 3 types of surgical incisions in the case of breast implants.

1. Inframammary:

The incision is marked by the lower part of the breast; it is the best type since it provides an optimal access to the doctor to perform the implant. It is the favorite technique for silicone gel implants.

2. Nipple area

A small incision is made around the aureole, it works very well when you need to make position adjustments or surveys, but usually for saline implants. The incision is visible.

3. Armpit area

An incision is made in the armpit, and implants are introduced through an endoscopy. They usually have the problem that they are not so symmetrical, also requires an incision in the area of the areola.

Apart from this, the implants are placed as follows:


The implants are placed between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle, this technique is the one that provides the most natural look, and offers the most aesthetic results in general. However, in women whose tissue is very thin, or have very small breasts, it does not work, since the skin tends to dimple or wrinkle. In addition, the rate of encapsulation increases in these specific cases.


In this case the implant is placed under the fascia of the muscle, in this way, a kind of pocket is formed, where the implant is placed to achieve a better position.


The implant is placed under the muscle, so that it is completely covered by it. This technique is in disuse because it tends to generate abnormalities.

Recommended age to have implants

Breast implants are a very personal decision for a woman, but it is recommended that they be performed once the patient’s hormonal development has finished, around the age of 21, so that the breasts are fully developed.

Specific information in breast implant surgery

Planning implant surgery 

 Before performing a breast augmentation surgery, we must prepare ourselves with complete laboratory exams, and a medical visit to the surgeon in charge, in order to determine our complete health conditions, discuss the procedure and clarify our doubts.


How should i prepare for surgery

It is important to discuss with your doctor any previous illness or chronical condition, family history or previous procedures before going to surgery.

Also, remember that it is best not to smoke, as this prevents proper healing of wounds. In general, people with a healthy lifestyle are better candidates for any surgery.

How long does the surgery last?

since it will depend a lot on the technique, the type of implants and the characteristics of the patient. However, they usually last from an hour and a half later to more.

Whats happens during the recovery period?

Once the operation is finished you need to use a special brassiere and go to the subsequent medical checkups. You will also need at least 24 hours of rest are recommended, but around a week later you will be able to reincorporate yourself to your daily activities. It is important to perform the exercises recommended by the doctor, as they will help to relieve the pain, as well as taking the prescribed analgesics.

Implants and breastfeeding?

Since there were concerns that the implants leaked and produced toxicity in breast milk. However, implants are made with inert materials, that is, they do not react with other substances.

While it is true that women who have had incisions in the halo in their procedures could have difficulties when breastfeeding, currently with new procedures and especially in other types of incisions this can be completely avoided.

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