Get rid of the “spiders” on your legs

The inconvenient “varicose veins” or “spiders”, as we use to call them, are dilations of blood vessels which we can get rid of through simple treatment of simple sclerotherapy laser, adjudged safe and fast.

These spiders (blood vessels which take a dark red, purple or bright red color) mainly tend to appear on thighs, ankles, toes and, rarely, also on the nose.

They make the skin look ugly; they are bothersome and, in some cases, itchy too.

In general, it’s caused by an inconvenience which prevents the blood from properly returning to the heart, due to changes in the venous valves, which can’t close properly. Therefore, the blood accumulates in the veins causing them to dilate.

It will always be important to walk or generateexercise for the legs, in order to improve blood circulations; but when “spiders” show up, the best thing is to get a sclerotherapy laser treatment, which is fast, presents little invasion and has very low risks.

In a sclerotherapy treatment, the surgeon uses a thin needle to inject a mixture of chemical substances which make the “spiders” disappear. The treatment usually takes less than an hour and, even though anesthesia is needed due to pain, it’s insignificant.

The duration of the treatment, as said, is short; but it will also depend on the amount of varicose veins to eliminate. That’s why we suggest to those who are interested to book a date beforehand, to make an evaluation.

There will also be no scars left on the area; and no stiches are required, since the hole where the laser is inserted is very small; there can be small marks left which may take a week or two to disappear; and after the application of the laser there is immediate recovery.

With sclerotherapy laser treatment there are no surgeries, risks or problems. It’s a treatment in which a laser is used to treat and eliminate the insufficiency of external veins in the most external places in the skin.

We’re constantly innovating at Clínica Esbelt, so if you need to eliminate “spiders” or blood vessels in your legs, don’t hesitate to contact us: we have a team of professionals that will help you and attend to your questions.

We’re located in Guadalupe. We’re here to help you!

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Esbelt - Get rid of the “spiders” on your legs