At Esbelt Clinic we have financing methods so that you can perform the aesthetic procedure that you want so much.

We have

  • Multiple money
  • Credix
  • BAC San José
  • National Bank
  • Coopeservers
financiamientoestetica2 - Financing of aesthetic treatments in Costa Rica

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Today, thanks to the weight loss, I am not hypertensive or diabetic .. it has been a change for me since losing so much weight I left a lot of flaccidity, so I visited the Esbelt Clinic of Dr. Sara Gómez, taking into account her recommendations for shaping my body.

Patricia Rodriguez

Thank God, first of all, to Islay and Dr. Gomez and finally, I who proposed myself, and to the great support of my former coach Eddy, Tonny and Rodolfo and the great support I have had from my good friends, my health and my self esteem changed forever.

Isabel Rivera Víquez

A beautiful experience of internal and external change ... Thanks to Dr. Sara Gómez and her Esbelt Clinic, My external change was possible .. I feel very happy in the person that I am and in what I hope to continue maturing, growing and improving ..