Ear surgery for adults in Costa Rica

Ear deformations are features which usually cause unfortunate comments which can have damaging effects on a person’s self-esteem.

Big ears, too far away from the face or with deformities tend to cause the well-known child cruelty and generate complexes in teenagers, with consequences that last throughout the rest of their lives.

Children’s taunts and retreat affect social relations and academic results, and leave a mark which can also affect work performance.

Ear surgery, however, is a treatment with a long history, and one that is becoming more popular every day, thanks to the development of Medicine and plastic surgery. The treatment is called otoplasty and, if properly administered, practically harmless.

It consists of a simple intervention, which remodels auricular pavilions, to give them a more anatomical shape. It will be up to the patient if the ears should be closer to the face, reshaped, reduced or balanced, to create a bigger symmetry.

Although it’s a completely valid treatment for adult, it’s one of the most common plastic surgeries carried out on children and teens. Ears tend to reach their largest size at the ages of five or six, and the sooner there are intervention, the larger will be the benefit for the child’s self-esteem.

Anyway, since we’re talking about such an important aspects of personality, it’s the person’s decision (whether he be a child, young man or adult) to undertake the surgery. If we’re talking about a child or teen, it’s important that there’s good communication with his or her parents and with the surgeon, in order to know the details of the otoplasty.

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Esbelt - Ear surgery for adults in Costa Rica