Breast augmentation procedures Costa Rica

Amongst the most popular and demanded treatments by a large quantity of women around the world is breast augmentation, which consists in placing special implants that can give the breast the desired size.

Why perform a breast augmentation?

The reasons for an intervention of this kind are many, the most popular being:

  • The desire to augment the size of the breast to a bigger one, since in its majority women seek to feel satisfied as a whole with their bodies.
  • There are also medical reasons, such as breast cancer and problems related to breast-feeding.

Inside the general aspects that should be taken into account before a breast augmentation process, are:

  • The size of the implants
  • The way in which they will be placed and the geometry of the implants
  • The material in which they are made
  • The profile angles and correct measures in relation to the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle
  • Information about medical history in order to be prepared for any unexpected event during the surgery.

Personalized professional attention

A successful breast augmentation procedure takes into account factors such as women’s bodies anatomy: it’s very important to rely on the medical history of every case and always treat each patient with great care.

In Esbelt Clinic we know this aspect and treat every case with the importance and delicacy that they deserve. Our main satisfaction lies in the care of your health at a comprehensive level and, at the same time, we want to be a clinic that you can trust.

Our customer service is available so that you can ask any question that may arise about this or any of our services.

You can contact us and we will be very pleased to address your needs. Our patients health is our main priority.

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