Lastest trends on Aesthetic Surgery

Shakes that help improve the digestive system

Today, shakes are great allies of many people who based on their health or lack of time they decide to make them part of their daily diet, for example at breakfast, as a healthy snack or even to complement a dinner. The advantages of these super shakes are that we can choose the ones we

Benefits of the Papanicolaou test

In the last few years, the Papanicolaou Test has significantly reduced the number of deceased women from cervical cancer, since it can help to detect and remove the cancerous cells right on time. The Papanicolaou Test is a hopeful procedure, if we consider that cervical cancer is a silent killer that stalks women of all

SmartLipo Benefits

The SmartLipo give to the body the best shape, reduce cellulite and decrease sagging, Focus on reducing problem areas that have not been reduced by diet and exercise… The principal reason to become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures today is thanks to the thigh precision and be a minimally invasive type, Works by

Excess Sweating: Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating or hyperdrosis complicates the lives of 3% of the world’s population, so you don’t need to feel distressed or believe that your problem is strange. It is normal for people to feel that others will think they do not have good hygiene habits when they suffer from this annoying problem of excessive sweating, and it is

Get rid of the “spiders” on your legs

The inconvenient “varicose veins” or “spiders”, as we use to call them, are dilations of blood vessels which we can get rid of through simple treatment of simple sclerotherapy laser, adjudged safe and fast. These spiders (blood vessels which take a dark red, purple or bright red color) mainly tend to appear on thighs, ankles,

Bariatric Surgery

Morbid obesity (an illness that affects both physical and health aspects, as well as social, emotional and economic relations of people) has been a subject of analysis and searches for solutions to it has been on for a long time, at least in our western society. From this search for solution, a variety of not

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