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Esbelt Clinic is located in San José, Costa Rica, under the care of Dr. Sara Gómez G. who offers a series of innovative and effective facial and body beauty treatments, as well as weight control protocols and treatment reduction measures, permanent depilation with laser photon, treatments against hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, tattoo removal, and aesthetic medical procedures such as lipolaser or slim laser, gluteal lipoplasty and breast implants.

At Clínica Esbelt we are committed to the excellent and constant training of our staff in cutting-edge techniques, as well as the acquisition of the best equipment, to provide you with the best services.

Remember that we have the new Crisalix 3D system that will allow you to know the results of your procedures in real time and with your own image, a service that you will get for free when you make your evaluation appointment.

Services we offer

We offer anti-aging treatments, which will combat those annoying wrinkles and sagging, to make you look younger and beautiful.

Eliminate localized fat from your body with our innovative procedures so you can have a perfectly shaped figure.

Restore confidence in yourself with our services of intimate medicine, breast implants and aesthetic surgeries.

Look a fresh, young and renewed skin with our anti-acne and spots treatments, which will make you look smooth, soft and free of imperfections.

Beauty tips

  • Excess Sweating: Hyperhidrosis

    Excessive sweating or hyperdrosis complicates the lives of 3% of the world’s population, so you don’t need to feel distressed or believe that your problem is strange. It is normal for people to feel that others will think they do not have good hygiene habits when they suffer from this annoying problem of excessive sweating, and it is

    27 March, 2019
  • Breast augmentation procedures Costa Rica

    Amongst the most popular and demanded treatments by a large quantity of women around the world is breast augmentation, which consists in placing special implants that can give the breast the desired size. Why perform a breast augmentation? The reasons for an intervention of this kind are many, the most popular being: The desire to

    11 January, 2019
  • Shakes that help improve the digestive system

    Today, shakes are great allies of many people who based on their health or lack of time they decide to make them part of their daily diet, for example at breakfast, as a healthy snack or even to complement a dinner. The advantages of these super shakes are that we can choose the ones we

    1 December, 2017
  • What is Otoplasty?

    Sometimes, with our friends, family or colleagues can arise comments and jokes of our body parts that may have a defect. One of the most common areas for this kind of jokes are the ears because sometimes children are born with larger ears or some other condition that makes them targets of attacks and taunts

    13 October, 2017

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